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Dementia 101: How to Help Your Senior Pet

Advances in veterinary medicine and overall pet care mean your four-legged companions are living longer, healthier lives. At the same time, as pets approach their senior years, they often show age-related changes, such as slowing down, decreasing energy, changing behavior, or decreasing organ function. Cognitive dysfunction is a common syndrome in aging pets, and our [...]

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Pros and Cons of Nutraceuticals and Over-the-Counter Medications for Your Pet

Many people add health supplements to their daily regimen to support their health, whether to increase their brain function or improve their joint mobility.  Many pet owners also want to go the extra mile to support their four-legged friends’ health. In 2019, more than 26% of dog owners and 13% of cat owners regularly gave [...]

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Exploring The Light Fantastic: How Laser Therapy Can Transform Your Pet

Some pain is inevitable in life, but when it becomes constant, it’s time to kick it to the curb. Pain medication is usually helpful, but now cold laser therapy, a new cutting edge treatment, is available for pets coping with arthritis, wounds, and the post-surgery healing process. Cold laser therapy is an FDA-approved modality that [...]

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6 Questions Your Cat Wishes You Would Ask Your Veterinarian About Dental Health

As your feline friend meows at you beseechingly, you’re wondering what they’re trying to say. A fresh helping of kitty paté? An extra-long ear rub? Maybe your cat is trying to ask you questions about their dental health. After all, those 30 sharp teeth require special care to ward off dental disease, which occurs in [...]

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Setting Your Puppy Up for Success: Bingo’s First Year

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time, full of puppy snuggles, entertaining antics, and sloppy kisses. Your puppy’s first year is their most important, and is full of important milestones that will shape their personality and ensure their place as your trusted sidekick. Your puppy will not grow into a healthy, well-mannered adult [...]

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