Palmer Veterinary Clinic

1451 S Crimsonview Court
Palmer, AK 99645


   ~ OUR STAFF ~

        John Campbell - Practice Manager

         John has lived in Alaska for 9 years. When he's
         not at the clinic keeping things running smoothly,
         he enjoys being out on one of his boats fishing.
         He has 4 dogs, but his trusty and retired hunting
         partner, Briar, can always been found by his side.


        Trina Brandt - Head Technician

        Trina has been in veterinary medicine for 30+ years.
        She enjoys the company of her 11 year old Springer
        Spaniel, Gracie, her two cats, Sammy and Izzy , and
        her husband. When she is not working, she enjoys
        gardening, going on weekend trips to the cabin, and


        Lydia Watkins - Head Customer Service Representative

        Lydia has been working reception in the veterinary field
        for 4 years and loves it more every day. She especially
        loves face time with clients and their families. You can
        often find her in the lobby introducing herself and offering
        cookies to all of the furry friends. When she is not working,
        she enjoys days with her son, husband, and 2 year old
        terrier mix, Bonnie.

        Heidi Hazen - Customer Service Representative

       Heidi joined our team June of 2017. She enjoys face time
        with the clients and animals, but also enjoys getting time
        in the back when she is needed. When she is not at work,
        she enjoys spending time with her husband, three kids,
        and 4 dogs.

        Kaitlyn Folletti - Customer Service Representative

        Kaitlyn has been involved with animals for years. She
        has 3 dogs of her own, a 1 year old Shiba Inu, a 8 year
        old Mini Australian Shepherd, and a 4 year old German
        Shepherd mix. She enjoys 
face time with the clients and
        getting to know their animals.

        Laurel Dilley - Technician

        Laurel has been in veterinary medicine for 6 years. She has
        a 2 year old long haired chihuahua named Hattie and a 4
        year old cat named Templeton. She really enjoys radiology
        at is expanding her interests in dentals. When she is not at
        the clinic, she enjoys the outdoors, camping, and bike riding.

          Boss Cat - Office Supervisor

        Boss joined our crew in February and has made himself right
         at home. He spends his days calmly sitting in the lobby, on the
         clean laundry, or napping on any sunny windowsill. He is very
         vocal and loves to tell us all about his day.

        Catrick Swayze - Assistant to Boss Cat

        This is our newest associate, Catrick Swayze. Swayze 
        is a curious little scamp that isnt afraid of anyone or
        anything. You can find him taking advantage of any lap
        he can find or doing wild kitten parkour around the
        building. He will take it upon himself to investigate
        the animals that come in and dont be surprised if he
        makes himself at home on your lap or shoulder.